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Spindle Kits Redux

Posted on July 08, 2018 | 2 Comments

Since the spindle kit is one our best selling items, we felt it merited a blog post to explain the increase in our price from $10 to $20. Our wholesale costs rose dramatically these past few months due to (we've been told) the price of steel. We'd like to offer a few options:

1) Our original threaded/tapped spindle kit which is great for saving lovely old doorknobs on a threaded spindle. See our blog post all about how to fix antique doorknobs here. These are still our favorite option, but the cost is higher.

2) We have started carrying a less expensive reproduction straight tapped spindle kit. These will function the exact same as our threaded/tapped spindles once your knobs are mounted. Getting them on, however, might be more difficult depending on your set. These spindles do not have any threads so if you're using them with a threaded doorknob where the threads are damaged, you may have to file out the remaining threads to get this spindle to work.

3) Threaded spindles (thread 16, thread 18, and thread 20) which work if your threads are still in good shape however you will need to know the thread size in your knob. Our wholesale on these spindles has not gone up so the prices remain much lower.

Thanks for your patience while we've gotten this sorted out. Please keep us posted on how best to help you our with your projects.



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August 05, 2018

Hi Marcia,
Sounds like the screw is either not coming out but spinning (which is very weird) and may need to be drilled OR the screw is unscrewed but needs to be pulled out. You should be able to test the latter by trying to pinch it with needle nose pliers. I would also definitely drill only as a last resort. Normally if the screw is moving, you won’t need to drill. Also double check there isn’t a second set screw – some sets did have 2. Best of luck!

Marcia Morrison
Marcia Morrison

August 05, 2018

I’m probably going to be ordering one or more of your spindle kits, but I’ve got a problem to solve first. We’ve got an 1890’s house in Salem MA, and I think it’s got most of the original doorknob and door mechanisms. Quite a few of them are loose, ie, need a shorter spindle &/or some spacer washers. So I got some doorknob spacer washers. But now I can’t get the doorknobs off to put the washers on. I found a flat-bladed screwdriver that fit the slot on the old set screw. I turned it to the left, the screw turned, but it doesn’t appear to be backing out. It’s pretty well countersunk, so I can’t grab hold of it to try to lift it out. I’ve tried to turn the doorknob to unscrew it from the spindle, to no avail. I can’t turn the knob far enough around so the set screw is facing down & might just fall out. The doorknob mechanism is working okay, aside from the doorknobs being kind of loose. I’m at a loss as to what to try next. I hate the idea of just drilling through the screw to get it out, seems like a lot could go wrong that way. What do you think is going on here?

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