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Recent Arrivals



DIY Projects with Salvaged Antique Doors
May 04, 2018

Here at Hippo Hardware, re-purposing discarded material is a pillar of our business, a personal passion, and a stylish way to include the past in our modern lives.  A favorite starting material for many of our customers is a salvaged...

DIY No Soliciting Signs
April 05, 2018

So, I was recently having a small conundrum:  I want a No Soliciting sign on my door but I just don't love my options out there. I have heard many customers expressing the same sentiment and I just today figured...

A Short but Sweet Pictorial History of Escutcheons
February 11, 2018

es·cutch·eon (aka. door back plates) /əˈskəCHən/ noun: escutcheon a shield or emblem bearing a coat of arms. a flat piece of metal for protection and often ornamentation, around a keyhole, door handle, or light switch. Origin: late 15th century: from Anglo-Norman...

A Very Long Engagement: the restoration of the largest chandelier we've ever seen
January 14, 2018
Our lighting department manager recently finished a most massive restoration of impressive proportions: this huge Maria Theresa chandelier. This beauty was finally lit last for the first time in over half a century—25 lights in total! The fixture sold recently but we wanted to commemorate this 8 year journey to restore one of the most regal light fixtures we've seen.