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Here are frequently asked questions we receive both at our store and online. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us directly!


Where do you get your inventory from?

Truthfully, all over. We do everything from stop by garage sales to buy out other salvage businesses. People also walk in our doors every day with items to sell. We love doing trades and are happy to offer a higher rate for in store credit.

Do you have an <xyz>?

We'd love to check! Send us a least a couple good photos with measurements and we'll check. We have limited staff so it may take many days to take a good rummage around.

Can you fix my <xyz>?

Sometimes! We do lighting repair and some hardware repair. At this time, we do not take in any plumbing. Please either send photos with measurements or (best option) bring your item into our store so our expects can get a good eyeball on it. We also have a few blog posts on common repairs and how to do them at home.

How much is my <xyz> worth?

We are mostly just a wacky junk store and cannot offer appraisals. When we set a price, it's really for our customers and our markets. There are many folks out there who have a much better sense of a global market than us and we highly recommend using a professional appraiser if that's your need.



Can you ship my order for less?

We love using flat rate shipping boxes and there is just no way to tell our computer how to calculate that online (sadly!). We always refund shipping overages when we are able to use a flat rate option. If you're concerned about the cost, please contact us and we can let you know what we can do.

When will my item ship?

For most items, it will be sent out within 3 business days. For custom items, such our our production lighting, it will have to be made by our shop first. Our shop lead time varies based on how many other orders. For a definitive estimate on custom orders, please contact us and we can check in with the shop.