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Think Outside the Light: Chandeliers for Every Mood

Posted on September 08, 2017 | 1 Comment

There’s nothing quite like a chandelier. Their romantic elegance and wide array of designs provide endless possibilities for home décor.

As the summer winds down and the outside lights sheds a golden hue why not try a chandelier outdoors for those late-summer dinner parties, gatherings and events?

Go classic with a glass armed design. This look is perfect for any covered patio:

Or for a rustic look, try a DIY pulley light fixture:


Don’t want to mess with wiring but want an eclectic look for your outdoor space? A fresh coat of paint and a trip to the garden center turns these Williamsburg chandeliers into planters!


For a simple statement, try a glass globe shade candle holder (note: do not use real candles as they can explode the glass—flameless candles are best for these shades).

Of course, if an outdoor chandelier doesn’t work for your home, you can always go classic and add one inside for a traditional elegant statement piece like these many armed beauties that abound in our store: 

Any way or where you hang it, a chandelier is certain to add a romantic and unique ambiance to your living space.  



1 Response

Jim Green
Jim Green

September 20, 2019

Years ago…30, when we had a summer house up in the NE corner of CT. We salvaged chandeliers each summer with plans to do ‘some thing’ with them.
They were always a project to rewire so that they were always on the ready to hang in an as in condition…each and everyone beautiful.
Then the idea came up to hang some of them outside in the trees for a certain party that had become a known fixture with out friends.
I started wiring trees outback by the pool, in front by the main door, WAY out standing alone in the meadow [that was a hell of an effort…but what a pay off!] and two hanging from inside from certain windows in the house facing areas where people would either gather or pass going from A to B outside. Fortunately, I had the help of several other people that shared the house as well. MY FOLLY of collecting chandeliers HAD finally paid off! In such an incredible way. In all there was over a total of 14 hanging around the property. What a sight it was. There were 10 crystal, 4 metal. With a full range of sizes, from medium…16 inches across, to a full to a full 24 inches. With the exception of one that was 26 inches…and the pride of the ball, so to speak. It was placed in the prime position. I only wish that I could place a few pictures here. Thanks for the chance to relive the memory!
BTW, the house is/was built in 1909. Has just shy of 10k sq ft and sits on 10 acres. Mind you, 30 years ago it was just being brought back from years of neglect. And, that took an abundance of heart, love and money…at a slow rate. That party was sort of a ‘coming out party’…a cotillion?!? With more to go and still a few rough edges but…what to say. Here we are World!

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