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DIY Bottle Opener with Bottle-Top Catcher!

Posted on November 18, 2018 | 1 Comment

Looking for a fun DIY project that you can custom design for your friends and fellow beer/soda/kombucha drinkers? One that won’t cost a fortune? One that is easy and you could make several in one hour? We’ve got the perfect project for you that is also perfect for your friends: a bottle opener with cap catcher!

Here’s the materials you will need (you can find them all at Hippo or you may even have some of them lying around your home.)

-a piece of board

-bottle opener (wall mounted)

-vintage tin can/small tin pail/mason jar/etc to catch the bottle tops in

-screws or nails

-screw driver/hammer

-any extra embellishments (ie: the lid to the tin can, letters, etc)

Step one:

Lay everything out on your piece of wood—make sure you’ve got the lengths right and are able to fit a bottle underneath the opener.

Step two:

Start screwing! Assemble everything—we suggest starting at the top and working your way down.

Look what you made!

For the friend who likes a pop of color: 

For the practical friend who enjoy ease of usage: 

For the rustic enthusiast: 

Step three:

Wrap that awesome gift up and be prepared for your friends and fellow beer drinkers to be delighted when they see their custom-made bottle openers!

PS: want to go for a modern look? Try these with mason jars! A little less personal but no less useful plus we have brackets to secure them! 



1 Response

Bryan Baehr
Bryan Baehr

April 25, 2021

Interested in your bracket for using a mason jar as a bottle cap catcher. How is the bracket attached to the wall? What is the cost?


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