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Architectural Salvage DIY Holiday Project Ideas

Posted on December 13, 2015 | 1 Comment

We love finding new ways to use old objects that aren't in demand anymore for their original purpose.  As we launch into the holiday season, here are a few fun ideas on how to decorate and celebrate.

1) Get a Key for Santa

We have a bunch of great old keys.  When some inquiring minds want to know exactly how Santa will get into the house, some parents have started leaving a key for Santa (gingerly side-stepping the whole Is-Santa-a-Burgler question).  We have lots in our store and even a few online to choose from (like this awesome folding key shown below as well as a 'hippo-picks' large sized skeleton key).

2) Hang a Repurposed Wreath

We have awesomely crafty customers who build beautiful wreaths out of all kinds of things.  We've had customers use metal faucet handles, door plates, door knobs, assorted light fixture parts, really you name it.  Here's an awesome example we found of a wreath made of old tools! (We have some of those in our basement, btw!)

3) Vintage Windows Turned into Picture Frames 

 Who doesn't like seeing the beautiful faces of their loved ones all in one place?  Antique window picture frames are great for decorations or holiday gifts.  Our Architecture department stocks a wide variety of old windows perfect for the task.  

Happy Holidays everyone!



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Carla jackson
Carla jackson

May 24, 2016

Want to do the old window into frame project do you have any windows like shown available? Price? Thank-you

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