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Hippo Hardware's Lighting Shop: Behind the Scenes

Posted on May 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

We'd like to take a minute here and highlight our amazing lighting shop.  Our shop has daily adventures with all the wacky antique lighting we restore and rewire.  It's not uncommon to head back there and hear the grinding wheel, drill press, and and polishing wheel all whirring away. 

Not only do we wire our own fixtures, we take in repairs!  That can mean everything from someone's favorite chandelier to some really wacky ideas- a blend?  a mailslot?  a ship's wheel?  Sure thing!

Here are some chandeliers in the shop's ante-room.  Sort of like a waiting area for light fixtures:

Here is an overview of the shop:

Here is a chandelier in progress (the shop gentlemen are tender sorts and did not volunteer to be photographed.  I was, however, able to convince one to keep his hand in the picture):


And lastly our vice-on-a-post.  It's really quite handy:

 Need something rewired?  Bring it in!  Afraid of antique lighting because you want to make sure it's safe, rewired, and able to be hung by an electrician?  We've got you covered! 

Do you have any stories to share about adventures rewiring light fixtures?  Share them in the comments!



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