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NOS Hall-Mack Gold Bathroom Hooks

These hooks are a part of the amazing bunch of hardware we got from a mid-century Beverly Hills mansion, never installed! These are new old stock Hall-Mack hooks in GOLD PLATE. We don't mean yellow colored, we mean caviar and gold, test it with your teeth gold, take it to the bank GOLD! We have two of each size - long and short! Sold individually.

Note - we did tag these under 'brass' just because we don't have a 'gold' finish tag.

Check out the matching gold  TP holder from the same group.

Condition: New old stock! Some storage wear and finish mottling.


projection of long hooks: 5 1/8 inches

projection of small hooks: 2 1/8 inches

distance between screw holes (both sizes): 1 inch

width of base (both sizes): 2 1/8 inches

height of base (both sizes): 1 1/8 inches





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