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Mission Ribbon and Reed Door Knob Plates Sets

Arts and Crafts escutcheon and knob sets are perfect for a century-old home. Popular in the 1920's, this style is frequently referred to as 'ribbon and reed' for the straight edges and delicate 'ribbons' wrapping around them. Ornate Victorian and floral Nouveau were the statements and this style was the rebuttal! Throwing back to simpler, pre-industrial times.  Sold as a set of 2 knobs, 2 plates, and 1 spindle.

Condition: Good antique condition. Some bits of old paint, normal wear for age, some rusting on backs of escutcheons and surface wear from age.


Overall height of escutcheon: 7 1/2"

Width of escutcheon: 2 3/8"

Diameter of knob: 2 1/8"

Projection of knob from back plate: 2"


SKU: H-182-20

Gorgeous Victorian door hardware in the iconic Roanoke pattern made by Corbin c. 1900. This set really reminds you how the Victorians made *everything* beautiful. To top it off - they're made of bronze! Sold as a set of 2 knobs and 2 plates.

Condition: Excellent antique condition. Some surface wear and patina from age.


Diameter of knob: 2 1/4"

Projection: 2 1/4"

Height of escutcheon: 8"

Width of escutcheon: 2"

SKU: H-245-20

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