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NOS Lockwood Tube Dead Bolt Lock

Great New Old Stock early Mid-Century deadbolt from Lockwood - including instructions and cool box! A great opportunity to get a complete new in the box set. Chrome interior turn bold and brass exterior cylinder. 2 sets available.

Condition: NOS with everything you see in the 4th photo plus fun instructions! 


Height of lock back plate: 3 3/8"

Width of lock back plate: 1 3/4"

Diameter of barrel key thing: 1 1/4"

Depth of barrel key thing: 1 3/8"

Height of tube latch face: 2 5/8"

Width of tube latch face: 1"

Back set of tube latch: 2 3/8"


SKU: H-237-20
LOC:  K1

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