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Happy Hippo Hardware Holidays!

Posted on December 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

With the holi-daze approaching faster than a stampeding bloat (aka: a herd of hippos), and a supply chain resembling Boskalis blocking the Suez Canal, there’s no better time to shop local! Here's our two cents on holiday gifts:

1. We have a super fun and ever-popular set of cast iron grizzly bear bottle openers, back paddling otters, awesome octopi, and various critter-related hooks. On the other hand, we also offer a great selection of antique hooks ranging from florid to formal to functional. 2 Our hand-selected variety of hooks are sure to meet any style of décor. Not only do they make great stocking stuffers (who wouldn’t love a tentacled new friend peeking out from their stocking?), but they’re practical too.
Hippo Hardware Tchotchkes and Trinkets

2. Up on the mezzanine level, we’ve just put out our “Good to Go” floor and table lamps. They’re wired and ready to go home TODAY! Bring functionality and style to those dark corners of your home, making it a more relaxing and welcoming place to settle, even after the sun sets.

3. Next to the ready-to-go lighting table, you’ll find our 3/4 sleeve boatneck t-shirts. From now until they’re sold out, they’re 20% off! We also have our classic crew necks at the regular price. We're working on getting our stock updated online asap but we do have in store availability!

4. This year, our motley crew of Hippo Wranglers have harnessed their crafty superpowers to bring you an assortment of handmade, decorative ornaments.

6. Want to give your loved one/friend/neighbor a gift from Hippo Hardware, but not sure exactly what to give? We’ve got you covered! Gift certificates are always available, never expire, and are always appreciated. Just see the cashier or purchase one online here. 

As always, thanks for shopping local and thanks for shopping at the big Hippo store! Holiday wishes to you and yours.



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