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DIY With a (Re)purpose

Posted on July 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

These days I find myself wanting to turn everything (and I mean everything) I see into a tiny plant container and/or a bud vase to hold flowers from my garden. My hobby of re-purposing anything vintage that looks like it could hold a tiny, adorable succulent has crossed the line into obsession and with the recent trend of entire terrarium stores popping up in PDX, it seems the general population shares my affinity for tiny plant culture. 

These projects are so satisfying and here's why: 

    1. The possibilities for plant containers and bud vases are endless. They require little to no handyperson skills and yet I get the satisfaction of knowing I "DIYed it". 
    2. I can showcase my personality. Example: I. Love. Milk glass. Especially hobnail milk glass. Therefore, any hobnail milk glass item that has an opening on at least one end will get turned into a container for one of my tiny plants. 
    3. I get to actually USE these items now instead of just displaying them. 
    4. They are a perfect, simple, and inexpensive idea for craft night. 
    5. They make great gifts. Everyone loves getting something homemade; it says you went the extra mile and got creative. 

      I could go on. Truly. 

      *All the items I'm using are from our vast lighting department


      Here's what you will need to create your tiny plant container and/or bud vase: 

      1) A small item with an opening. Like this for a bud vase:      

      hobnail glass

      Or this for a succulent/air plant container: 

      hobnail cone


      2) A small plate or flatter surface to attach the container part to. This can be optional or necessary depending on if the container part has 2 openings. But it provides a sturdy base and will allow you to use a wider variety of items. 


      (Note: this particular piece is part of our vintage lighting collection and does have a hole at the bottom. This can easily be covered up with some tape on the bottom and glue to fill the hole in.)

      3) Glue--I recommend E6000 craft glue. You can use super glue but the E6000 is better and works on many different materials. You can find it at most craft supply stores. 

      craft glue


      Step 1: Glue the container part to the flat/plate part.

      diy product

      2) Wait for it to dry.

      3) Fill it with adorable tiny plants.

      That's it. 

      End results: adorable and one of a kind! 

      diy bud vase

      diy container


      The best part about this project is the shopping for the components. Maybe you have something at home that you've been saving but if not, it's a great excuse to get out to the local salvage store and explore the possibilities. And then you get to go plant shopping too! So get to it. go DIY something adorable and unique. Go re-purpose the heck out of that vintage hobnail milk glass thing you've been eyeing. 



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