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DIY No Soliciting Signs

Posted on April 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

So, I was recently having a small conundrum:  I want a No Soliciting sign on my door but I just don't love my options out there. I have heard many customers expressing the same sentiment and I just today figured out a solution I'm exciting about - label holders!  Yes - perhaps it seems obvious now, but I just realized how awesome and varied label holders are and how easy it would be to make my own attractive sign. I chose a large one because my front door is up off the street and I'd prefer folks get the message before ascending my stairs.

Personally, my handwriting is atrocious (thank god for the keyboard, I say) but I have friends who know how to make pretty things.  Likewise you could paint something, print something, or type it on a typewriter.  So many great options!  Here is what I ended up with:


 My very talented friend Thea Gahr made painted this beautiful sign with watercolor. I absolutely love seeing it every time I come home. We did have a slight misunderstanding which is why the sign is a big smaller. I did decide to laminate the sign both to preserve the art as well as make up for the space between the frame and the sign.

Setting it up was easy as pie - just mount the label holder to the door

Cut the sign to size

And then slide it into place (my frame was slightly open on the top which is the most common).


This structure would also work great for other signs, such as:  Please Remove Your Shoes, Please Turn Off the Light, or Thank You for Not Smoking. Most label holders are much smaller - around 3" x 2". We have some great label holders online right now - this copper black japanned one, this classic brass one, this lovely and unusual iron Victorian one, and this fantastic arts and crafts brass guy.

Anyone out there have some cool DIY signs they've made?  Post them in the comments below! 



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