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The Newest Hippo

Posted on June 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

Our newest staff member volunteered to write a blog post and chose to share what it's like to join the Hippo-verse:

I am the newest addition to Hippo Hardware, and let me be the first to admit, it’s overwhelming!  The never-ending inventory of super cool is jaw dropping.  I’m caught repeatedly hypnotized in the spinning dazzle of yester-year whatevers too often, to the point of literally needing to keep my head down in order to stay on task.  I’ve been a member of the lighting department since the beginning of this year.  A series of serendipitous events has me exploiting a more electric side.  My background is scattered with fifteen years or so in the home restoration business, and while several avenues have led me to develop artistically, my foundation is firm in the world of “I’ll need to look at it, but I think we can fix it.”  Seems there was a little hole in Hippo’s repertoire that was carved just for me.

If you are looking for any fix it for your home, save yourself the headache of wasted time and under experienced staff, come here first.  If we don’t have what you need we will know where to point you next, if there is a direction to follow… There are strong men, at the ready, to lift and load any claw foot, light fixture, door, or mantel.  There’s a revolving crew of ring master stand-ins, Steve Miller being the one and only original, all at the ready for an on the spot stand up and well thought how to DIY. Every department has a magic of it’s own with the third floor shining spot lights, chandeliers, sconces, floor-table-desk lamps, and sputniks ready to take off in a rainbow show. Come one, come all into the labyrinth of stairs and ramps.




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