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    Our hardware department houses thousands of antique, vintage, and reproduction items

  • Hippo Hardware Lighting Department

    Find us on the corner of East Burnside and 11th

  • Hippo Hardware Lighting Department

    Our lighting service desk can help you outline your lighting strategy and pin point exactly how you want a fixture restored

  • Hippo Hardware Plumbing Department

    We carry many old toilets and a huge stock of tank lids. Saucy corner toilet? Don't mind if we do

  • Hippo Hardware Steven Miller

    Our lighting department has hundred of new and vintage shades

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    There's so much more that can't fit online! Please call or email if you can't find what you're looking for

Hippo Hardware & Trading Company Home

** Special notice: Due to the current heat wave, we will likely be closing early.  Please call any day it's over 90 degrees to see if we will be open after 2pm.  Although we regret being unavailable to our awesome customers, the prolonged heat is damaging to the health of our employees and our beautiful old building is not easy to climate control.  We will do our best to be open as much as possible and look forward to more temperate weather!
Hippo Hats and T-shirts now online: Sweat out this heatwave in style
July 03, 2015

It's hot here at Hippo.  Real hot.  But does that get us down? No sir.  What do we do then, to survive the heat?  We strike a pose in our amazing t-shirts hats (now available online!  Click here for t-shirts...

The Newest Hippo
June 10, 2015

Our newest staff member volunteered to write a blog post and chose to share what it's like to join the Hippo-verse: I am the newest addition to Hippo Hardware, and let me be the first to admit, it’s overwhelming!  The...

Fixing or Replacing Old Stuff: Where to Start
May 22, 2015

A Brief Introduction: Your first experience visiting Hippo Hardware (or dealing with old stuff) can be a little overwhelming, as well as your second trip, or your thirty-second, so it's helpful to keep a few important things in mind. . You...

How to Fix Antique Glass Door Knobs
May 01, 2015

A frequent question we get asked here at Hippo isn't so much a question as a look of panic and frustration.  People come in holding lovely glass door knobs in their hands telling woeful tales of friends stuck in the...