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Sphere Brass Integrated or Dummy Door Knob

Beautiful brass sphere doorknob likely used originally on the outside of an integrated rim lock and knob common in some industrial uses, such as trains. This knob has an integrated rosette and space for a spindle, which would have come directly through the rim lock. If you don't have a super cool rim lock, you can always use this lovely knob as a dummy by screwing it directly on to a door. The knob will still turn/spin, which you can change by installing a dummy spindle underneath it. This knob would be perfect for a stationary french door, a large cabinet, a coat hook, or even a curtain tie back - so many options! 1 available.

Condition: Good antique condition. Patina and surface wear from age.


Diameter of base: 2 1/8"

Diameter of knob: 1 5/8"

Projection: 2 5/8"



SKU: H-107-21

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