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Industrial Brass Clamp On Work Light Lamp

A great early 20th century work light with handy clip on area to catch position the light exactly where you need it. This lamp works great both for getting projects done as well as being very easy on the eyes.

Sticker says: Handy Light, MFD by The Handy Light, Cincinnati PAT May 2, 1911

Condition: Restored antique condition. Patina has been left original. Wiring has been replaced by our UL-certified shop.


Overall height: 11 3/4 inches

Overall width: 4 inches

Cord length: 11 feet

Opening of clamp: 2 inches (plus a little give)

Overall height of shade: 5 1/8 inches

Overall width of shade: 3 5/8 inches


SKU: L-014-18

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