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Green Depression Glass Knob

 These bright, coke-bottle green antique glass cabinet knobs make a stunning accent for your drawers.  These knobs traditionally screw directly into the wood drawer, requiring an unusually large hole to accommodate the width of the screw.  Due to the unusual structure we charge way less for this style than the traditional style with a metal screw running through the center.  These knobs are a great way to get the desirable antique bright green at a reasonable price.

Condition:  Excellent antique condition.  Small chips around the screw from use. 


Large (6 available):

1 1/4" Diameter

1" Projection

2" Total Length

1/2" Threads

Small (6 available):

1" Diameter

3/4" Projection

1 3/4" Total Length

1/2" Threads

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