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Craftsman Mechanical Twist Door Bell Russell Erwin

A gorgeous example of early craftsman design, here we have a lovely Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company New Britain's doorbell. The base is cast iron and the dome is bell brass.  Cast "Patd Aug 1, 93" on the back of the bell.  "R. & E. MFT CO New Britain CT USA"is stamped on the front of the bell around the screw head.

The brass turn is slips into the back of the body of the bell, sending a loud and sweet "kerchiching!" into the air.

Condition: Great antique condition. Finish wear and small nicks/scuffs from use commensurate with age.



 3 3/4" Between Mounting Holes

4 3/4" Diameter Base

2 1/4" Projection


Twist Turn:

2 3/4" Vertical Distance Between Mounting Holes

7/8" Horizontal Distance Between Mounting Holes

3" Rod Length (can be cut down or replaced)

1 3/8" Thumb Turn Length

3 3/8" Height of Back Plate

1 1/2" Length of Back Plate


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