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Recent Arrivals



Picture Hanging with Victorian Moulding Hooks
June 23, 2017

Picture Hanging with MoldingsWith the explosion of inexpensive artwork during the mid-1900’s, picture hanging styles changed. Starting around the 1870’s, Victorians arranged wall decorations and table settings as “art units.” The dioramas, if you will, consisted of half-a-dozen framed chromos,...

At "Death's Door": A History of Hemacite
April 11, 2017

Hem´a`cite n. 1. A composition made from blood, mixed with mineral or vegetable substances, used for making buttons, door knobs, jewelry etc.     With the growth of slaughtering and butchering trades in the 19th century, disposing of large quantities...

How to replace modern doorknobs with antique doorknobs
March 07, 2017

A commonly asked question here in Hippo land is "How do I put beautiful antique hardware on my modern doors?" To support antique hardware lovers everywhere, we'd like to offer you a step by step guide to replacing your unwanted...

Winter Closure
January 07, 2017

Hi Hippo visitors! We will be close today Saturday 1/7/17 and tomorrow 1/8/17 due to the winter storm. We plan to be open normal hours starting Monday 1/9/17. We apologize for any inconvenience!  Please contact us on our website or...