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Five Point Nickel Porcelain Hot/Cold Handles Faucet

Beautiful, iconic pattern of turn of the century high end plumbing. Made of nickel plated The handles mount with set screws in the cuff or base of the handle. The screw hole is not threaded so there is no set screw attached to the knobs. Instead, the screw would thread directly into the stem of the valve. The porcelain buttons are cast in place and do not remove.

Please note the handle takes a roughly square stem. Stems vary widely across eras and manufacturers and are all different sizes, mounting types, and depths.

Condition: Excellent antique condition. Minimal wear.


2 3/4" across 1 1/4" deep

3/8" opening for mounting

labels- "cold" is in good condition, "hot" has faded a bit with time

chrome is in excellent shape



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