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Dexter Copper Japan Mortise Bolts

We were so surprised to see this set come in! Dexter, prominently producing hardware int he 1940's, made a Copper Flash (aka Japan Finish) set, a finish style from 1900? Apparently! Likely made for the 'restoration' market of the 1940's. A great chance to have more 'modern' hardware with a truly antique look. These bolts are great for basement doors and large scale furniture. There is access to the hub on both sides of the bolt, so you could always add another turn if you want to open the bolt from both sides. Sold as a set (turn knob & bolt. Only one set is offered with a strike).

Condition: Great antique condition. Some surface wear commensurate with age.


Overall length of tube latch: 3 5/8"

Back set: 2 3/8"

Height of face plate: 2 3/8"

Width of face plate: 1"

Overall height of turn: 2 1/8"

Overall width of turn: 1 3/8"

Height of strike: 2 1/8"

Width of strike: 7/8"


SKU: H-004-20

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