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Sternau Nickel Bathroom Shelf Brackets

Simple with lovely ornate touches, these shelf brackets are meant to hold a glass shelf. These were made circa 1910 and feature the more rounded style popular before the 1920's shifted the style into the iconic, angular design common in Deco through the 1950's. Perfect for a Victorian, Craftsman, or Bungalow style home as well as a modern bathroom with a touch of antique. Made of nickel plated brass. Sold as a matched pair.

Condition: Great antique condition. Minor surface wear commensurate with age. Stamped Sternau & Co Brooklyn.


Overall length/projection: 6 1/2 inches

Overall width: 2 3/8 inches

Width of shelf opening: 5 7/8 inches

Max height of shelf opening: 3/8 inches

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