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Complete Brass Rim Lock Set circa 1910

This elegant Craftsman rim lock set is gorgeous and complete with both sides of the set as well as the strike.  This set boasts ornate edges and high quality and is very likely from a train car. Stamped text reads "A. Brown & Co BIRMM" on the edge of the lock and "Registered 46670".  More are available in our store if you are interested (including some sets in nickel!)

Condition: Incredible antique condition.  Possibly new old stock.



    5 3/4" Overall Height

    3 1/2" Overall Width

    2 1/2" Vertical Mounting Holes

    3" Horizontal Mounting Holes

    3/4" Width

    2" Spindle Length from Inside of Mortise


    2 5/16" Diameter

    2 1/4" Overall Projection

    1 3/8" Mounting Hole Spacing

  Latch Plate 

    5 3/4" Overall Height

    1 1/4" Length

    3/4" Width

    2 1/2" Vertical Mounting Hole Spacing

    1" Horizontal Mounting Hole Spacing


SKU: H-033-16
LOC:  M4

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