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Hippo Hardware is Moving.. Someday

Posted on November 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

We are so grateful to all our customers over the years and we have been hearing many questions lately about what is going on with our building. We want to level with you, so here's the deal:

1) We do not own our building.

2) Our building will be torn down and redeveloped in the next 2-5 years.

3) Our landlord has been awesome over the past 26 years.

4) We don't know where we will go.

We've been given a long lead time by our aforementioned awesome landlord, so we are checking out our options. Real estate in Portland has gone through the roof, but nearby areas aren't substantially better (we're looking at you, diamond-in-the-rough Milwaukee). We are working with some bankers and real estate folks to see what we can find.

We have a few options we're considering:

1) Our landlord will continue to own the property and offered us the ground floor in the new building. The trick here is the 1-2 years of demo/construction time, not to mention the ever worsening parking situation.

2) We are looking for a 15,000 - 20,000 sq ft building (we currently have 25,000 sq ft) somewhere not too far out and close to old houses (Portland? Milwaukee? Oregon City? Gresham?)

3) We are thinking about having a smaller inner city 'showroom' space and a bigger warehouse/industrial space farther out. This does mean two locations which brings up a bunch of other problems.

So, dear supporters and co-conspirators, we are telling it like it is so you know what's happening and in case anyone has an extra building laying around they'd like to share. When we know a little more about our plan, we will likely have some kind of kickstarter/gofundme/pleasegiveusmoney campaign to help with the costs. Until then, thank you endlessly for the continued care and support.



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